"Every element of Champion is a 10. Knowledge and skill of the PT's. The supportive staff, the location, the professionalism is top notch. And the ability to help you heal fast and correctly! 5 Star."

Jack V.

"The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and explain the "why" as to what is going to be happening. The staff cares, and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable."

Timothy M.

"They take good care of you and don't rush you.That is important to older people like me. By the same token...they only keep you there for as long as the therapy takes...so you haven't spent your whole day there. I mostly like the fact that they are nice and friendly which helps the therapy go smoothly."

Marria B.

"The physical therapists know what they are doing and are very helpful in the therapy sessions—helping the clients and making them feel at home. They treat everyone as part of family and friends. They have helped me walk without my walker within a week, and my walking is getting better, and stronger, with each session. It has given me back my life; I am getting out of my house and am able to drive again after four months of being home bound."

Margaret G.

"I have never been to a Physical Therapist before my visit to Champion Physical Therapy, so I didn't know what to expect. They have made each visit very comfortable. They take the time to listen and explain, and they have a very friendly, professional personality. I would highly recommend them to anyone who might need physical therapy treatment."

Kim H.

"The staff are excellent. They have helped me through two separate injuries, getting me back to my sport very quickly. They fit me in the same day when I called. They made the experience personal and enjoyable, with their fun personalities. Highly recommend them!"

Haley J.

"The staff at Champion is awesome!! They interact with the patients and provide a warm, friendly atmosphere. They take the time to adapt your therapy around other physical issues you may have so you can still progress and meet your therapy goals. I have returned to Champion and have recommended it to others."

Charlet B.

"Everyone was great! Very polite, clean, and orderly office, with a welcoming atmosphere. The techniques given have been very beneficial; they were able to show me how to improve my condition and ways to prevent further damage to my back. Thank you Champion!"

Kathleen H.

"The people that work there are committed to their clients. They explain what to do and why. They are very professional, yet they are friends also. I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy!"

Karen B.

"The professionally adept, caring, and friendly therapists work seamlessly as a team. Champion has a modern facility with plenty of parking right outside their door. And the staff has a terrific effectiveness in treating a wide range of muscular and mobility issues."

James R.

"The exercises were painful at first, but working through it, I can tell a difference in my condition. I know if I continue to keep up and work hard everyday that my chances of improving are greater. The team at Champion are amazing and their patience, understanding, and attitude are awesome!"

Jalene G.

"They are beyond welcoming, they take what they do very seriously and strive to get me back on my feet. In my experience , having a 1 yr old, I have no time to take it easy. They make sure to resolve my pain and stiffness in my back so I can play, run, dance, and chase my boy. I am very grateful for this clinic and highly recommend them!"

Billie O.

"They make therapy fun and tailor each persons' rehab for their specific need. They also ensure that the whole body is engaged in healing the injury so that it's stabilized. They keep track of each patients and get to know them not only on the physical needs, but on their personal interests as well."

Bethany O.

"Champion has compiled a great team that work seamlessly together to give their clients the most positive results from an injury. The outcome for their clients to have the best possible results appear to be their absolute goal. I came to Champion, I worked hard to recover from my injury, and left the best I could be."

Becky C.

"Everyone there makes you feel welcome and very attended to. They very kindly guide you through your exercises and are attentive to anything you need, and always call you by name. I can definitely see improvement, and am very glad I chose to go to Champion. They are excellent, they know his stuff!!"

Anita M.

"The reason for my score is that the people at Champion in Kingsport are extremely nice and very helpful with any questions I had concerning my therapy. I have seen much improvement in my lower back and also in my legs and shoulders. I have already recommended Champion to relatives looking for a PT in the area. I would highly recommend Champion to any one looking for a PT. Thanks for the help on my road to recovery."

Amanda T.

"They knew exactly what to do to help ease my pain. After seeing them for awhile, the pain I had been dealing with for years was gone. I would recommend them to anyone for any type of pain!"

Alexandria S.

"I really like the how friendly the staff was from the first day  to the last day. They are very hands on with therapy, instructions are followed by staff in the aide to help the give the best recovery to each person. My personal time there had help me and i still do the exercises at home. I would recommend Champion to anyone who is in need of therapy... Thank you Champion!"

Lucy S.

"All the people are very professional and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and want to work hard and meet your goals in getting better. I wasn't one big on physical therapy until I went to Champion, but after going there I would recommend it to anyone."

Minton R.

"All of the workers at Champion Physical Therapy are thoughtful and considerate. They are very concerned with providing the best treatment for your individual needs. They create a friendly atmosphere for all patients and individualize for each patients needs."

Rebecca D.