Audrienne’s Story

An active farmhand, Audrienne was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck. Furthermore, she was nervous about people handling her neck.

Why Champion Physical Therapy?

Physical therapist Josh in Seymour performed cervical manipulation, administered traction therapy and taught her exercises to strengthen the muscles in her neck.

Audrienne felt instant relief after her first appointment and considerable improvement after her second. In a months’ time, she was completely pain-free and had full motion in her neck.

Josh also educated her about how to maintain strength in supporting muscles, protect the discs in her neck without compromising function and perform activities with proper posture. Josh also taught her to be more cognizant of how she performs things.

Her Life Today

Audrienna was able to go back to her farming activities without worry of ability or pain in her neck.

“I just cannot express the appreciation that I feel for him and his crew in Seymour,” Audrienna  says. “They have given me my life back, and with a little maintenance, I can continue to enjoy it!”