Shelly’s Story

Shelly H. has two disks protruding in her lower back, causing her daily pain and discomfort. She was also experiencing hip pain related to how she would adjust her back to relieve her pain, and shoulder pain due to an repetitive stress injury.

Why Champion Physical Therapy?

After trying numerous therapies such as medicine, spine injections, massages, etc., Shelly turned to her daughter-in-law, Dr KT Moyer of Champion Physical Therapy Kingsport, for dry needling, despite a fear of needles.

Her Life Today

Shelly’s experiences total pain relief for up to a month after each dry needling session, allowing her to maintain her active lifestyle.

“I’m much more flexible in every movement—sitting, standing, everything,” she said. “I’m looser and faster in my movements because the pain isn’t here.”

But, is she over her fear of needles?

“No, I just don’t look at them!”